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How I Found my Stolen Android Phone with the Help of Avast Anti-Theft

How I Found my Stolen phone with Avast Anti-Theft
I was able to retrieve my stolen phone with the help of avast anti theft.

I have an Android phone a that's been relegated to my bedside drawer. I use it occasionally as an ebook reader not because it's not working properly, but because I have a better phone with more advanced features.

The phone was stolen during a party at my house. I didn't find out that the phone had been stolen until the next morning.

I had a suspect, a guest at the party, Brother Femi (not his real name) . I saw him coming out of my room during the party, he had no reason to enter my room. I confronted him and he said he came to check if there was more drinks in the room. I didn't believe him, but it never crossed my mind that he might have stolen my phone. I didn't believe he was looking for more drinks I suspected he was looking for money to steal (he is untrustworthy).

When I discovered the phone was missing I told my brother, I think Brother Femi (Not his real name) took the phone. My Brother told me not to confront him because he might not be the one and I wouldn't be able to take the accusation back if I wanted to. So I heeded his advice. I thought anyone could have taken it since numerous people were moving about freely.

The next day my brother (Kay). Our conversation goes like this

Me: hello

Kay: I know who took your phone

Me: Who took it?

Kay: It was Brother Femi

Me: are you sure? Did you see him using the phone

Kay: No, I received a text message from him.

Find screenshots of the SMS below
Avast anti theft sms

Avast anti theft sms

Me: He must have been feeling guilty

Kay: laughs. Avast sent the SMS I don't think he knows.

Me: Yes. It's avast anti theft. I have completely forgotten that I installed it on my phone. It helps you recover your missing phone.

Kay: I am in my car on my way to his house. Don't worry, I will recover your phone from him

Me: thanks.

Kay confronted him and was able to recover my phone from him.

Avast anti theft has a lot of features that can help you track or find your missing or stolen phone.

Why did Kay receive an SMS from the stolen Phone?

He received the SMS because when I was setting up Avast Anti Theft on the stolen phone, I activated the SIM security feature,and I registered his number as my trusted number. If your phone is stolen, and a different SIM card is inserted, the phone's new number and Geo location can be sent to a friend's device. The friend's number must be pre registered as your trusted number.

The SIM security feature when activated will allow your phone to send an SMS like the one in the screenshot above to a number you registered with it as soon as it detects a SIM card change. I registered Kay's number while I was setting up avast anti theft.

When Brother Femi inserted his SIM card into my phone, avast anti theft must have given him a scare because I also set up a siren, the siren will ring for five minutes and will keep repeating "this phone have been lost or stolen" There is nothing you can do to stop the siren unless you know the password to unlock avast anti theft or you switch off the phone.

If you don't know or recognize the number that sent your registered number about the SIM card change you can always use true caller Android app to track down the name of the person that stole your phone.

I think avast Anti Theft is a great app to have on your phone. You might never know when it will help you find your missing or stolen phone.

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