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How to Unroot a Mediatek Android Device for OTA Update

How to Unroot a Mediatek Android phone for OTA update

Did you know you have to unroot a Mediatek Android phone in order to install an OTA update
Last week a friend called me to complain that her Infinix phone -  which is a Mediatek Android phone was booting into recovery mode whenever she tries to power it on. I asked her what was the last thing she did before the problem started. She told me she was trying to install an OTA update.

I realised that she wasn't aware that she has to Unroot her phone before installing an OTA update. It's very crucial to Unroot an Android device before installing the update. Installing OTA update in a rooted phone results in one of the following:
  • Unsuccessful OTA installation
  • Device bootloops
  • Device is bricked

This tutorial should work for mediatek Android smartphones like Tecno, infinix, itel, Gionee etc. If your search is related to the list below
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Why you Should Unroot your device before installing an OTA Update

OTA (Over the Air upgrade) are signed. Therefore the downloaded update will fail to flash if your Android device has root access. This is because as soon as your device reboots into recovery, the Android system performs a check to detect all modifications on the device's core partitions (this is called a root integrity check) .

Since rooting your device has already modified your Bootloader, recovery and system partitions. The device will fail the root integrity check.
You can perform a root integrity test yourself even before you download the OTA update.

How To perform Root integrity check before Unrooting a Mediatek Android Phone

  1. Switch off the phone.
  2. Press and hold the volume up button and don't release it.
  3. Press power button and keep holding down both buttons.  
  4. Don't  release the buttons until  you get to the recovery mode.
  5. Recovery mode will either show clockworkmod or an Android robot lying on it's back.
  6. In Stock recovery, select Root Integrity check and wait for the result.

Note that SuperSU or Kinguser is not the best option for unrooting your mediatek device. This is because the device system partition has already been modified especially if you've installed xposed module. Your Android device is still not compatible with the OTA zip file. Simply because the Super User unroot option does not revert the modified partition to its initial state. 

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How To unroot an MTK Android phone before flashing an OTA update

To Unroot your smartphone, you need to revert the boot, recovery and system partitions to their initial state. This is because they are the most commonly altered components when rooting or after rooting a smartphone.

Now follow the steps below to unroot your MTK Android phone before installing an OTA update:
  1. Download the firmware for your android phone model from Hovatek forum
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded firmware into a folder using any zip or rar file manager of your choice (e.g win zip, 7zip etc)
  3. Install VCOM drivers on your PC using this guide on Hovatek Forum.
  4. Flash only recovery, boot and system (likely labelled Android) using SP flash tool at Hovatek
  5. Untick the rest and ensure to use the Download only option
    If you wish to flash the entire firmware then use the Firmware upgrade option here
  6. Wait till flashing is complete and you get a green OK prompt (Do not interrupt SP flash tool while flashing)
  7. Disconnect the phone then boot it up.

Your data will not be affected If you flash only recovery, boot and system (Android) .

If you flash the entire firmware then you will lose your data. Back important data so you don't lose them. Try to backup your contacts, SMS and files stored on the internal storage of your device.
Download super backup on Google play Store, to backup your contacts, SMS, calendar, call log. To backup your apps use titanium backup.
By the way I was able to solve my friends bootloop by flashing the Infinix Stock ROM. She was able to restore her contacts and SMS call logs and apps. She never failed to backup her contacts and important data.

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