Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to locate the OTA update zip file on an MTK Android phone

Rooting your Android phone is not necessarily the end OTA-wise. You can still install OTA updates but only after unrooting the phone (to avoid bricking it).
The thing is that proper unrooting requires you to flash the stock ROM and this might wipe the (depending on how you flash). Now, imagine the OTA update was over 1GB (or large by your definition) and has already been downloaded to your device. If deleted, you would have to re-download after unrooting and that's time and data intensive. A smarter approach would be to copy out the OTA to a safe location to be used offline after unrooting.

Watch the video below. It will show you were the OTA update file is stored. 

If you plan to manually flash the already downloaded OTA update file, you will have to find where the OTA update file is stored. We are going to locate the OTA file with a root file browser. You can make use of Root browser or Es file Explorer.

The OTA update file can be found at the root (/) directory of your Android phone. You will find the OTA file at this location data/data/

How to locate the OTA File

Note that this requires that your Mediatek phone (Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Injoo etc) has already been rooted.

  • On the rooted device, install a root browser like ES File Explorer.
  • On ES File explorer, press the Menu at the top left then select Device
  • Navigate to /data/data
  • Ota of a Mediatek Android phone
    Use the Search icon to search for update

  • In the search result, you should find the

    Ota download location. Of a Mediatek Device

    * Copy it to a safe location (External SD card) or your laptop.

    Ota download. For Android
Then follow the procedure in this link to Unroot your Mediatek Android phone, so that you will be able to install an OTA update successfully.  

You can then manually flash the ota update zip file (the one you copied to your Memory card) via stock recovery.

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