Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meet Android Go: Budget Friendly Android Devices by Google

Google announced Android Go at the 2017 Google/io keynote address. Android Go is a new project by Google to launch budget friendly Android devices for developing markets.

Android Go is like an upgraded version of Androidone. Can you remember Infinix Hot 2 the best selling infinix Androidone device that was released in 2015.

Unlike Androidone Google plans to make every part of the Android Go budget friendly. Read more below

Features of Android Go

The Android Go is a lightweight version of Android OS.

It's focused on devices with low specs. The OS can run smoothly on device with less than 1GB of RAM.

Modified apps (small size and with data saving features) for Android Go devices will be Available on the Google play Store.

The apps will be less than 10MB and should run well on devices with low processor or RAM.

The modified apps should work with minimal or no Internet access .

An example of optimised app for the Android Go is the YouTube Go which is an optimized version of the YouTube app.

It comes with a new preview feature that allows you to preview some parts of a video before even loading the video.

After you've seen the preview you can then decide if you are going to watch the video or not. This prevents you from wasting your precious data. If you have access to a free WiFi you can download the video and watch it offline later.

You can even share the video you downloaded with friends using Android Go devices via peer to peer transfers.

Google has not announced hardware partners yet. Android Go will be available by 2018.

Hopefully Transsion Holdings (makers of Tecno, Infinix and Itel) will partner with Google and produce cheap phones for Nigerians.

What do you think of Android Go? Do you think this is a good innovation by Google? Let's know in the comments. 




  1. This is good news 512MB RAM Android phone should work well on the Android Go OS. I hope Tecno will produce an Android Go device.

  2. Ok ma.we love ur updates. Keep it up

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