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4 Must have Apps for Ramadan 2017

Android iPhone apps for Ramadan

I have compiled 4 apps that will let you meet your Ramadan goals easily. You can install these apps on your Android device or iPhone. These apps are not limited to Ramadan only, they can be used all year round. 

Ramadan Kareem to my brothers and sisters in Islam. Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. The Quran was revealed during this month.
There is a night in this month called 'laila tul qadr'. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that when you worship during this night your worship is equal to a thousand month.

During this holy month, Muslims give up food and water during daylight. We are advised to read and recite the Quran constantly, recite more dua. We increase our worship and do more good deeds. Muslims make physical sacrifices to receive spiritual rewards.

During Ramadan, it is very important to increase 'Ibadah' or worship. Since, most of us use a smartphone everyday; why not utilize this device to increase our worship. There are various android apps that will help us worship Allah and perform our duties during this month, I have tested the ones listed below and I found them to be very user friendly and helpful. 

I will review 4 apps that you can download on your Android phone or IPhone to help you observe the fast better.

The apps are: Iquran, Muslim Pro, Ramadan Duas and Alarm Clock Xtreme.


Iquran best apps for Ramadan iPhone Android

It's important to recite the Quran during Ramadan. We are advised to finish reciting the whole Quran, at least once during this month.

Iquran pro is the best Quran app (in my opinion) for smartphones. It provides you with the option of reading the Quran wherever you are. This Quran app has various features that you will find useful.  This app is useful during Ramadan because it:

  1. Comprises all the 114 chapters of the Holy Quran.
  2. It has translation in many languages such as English (with translation by Yusuf Ali,Pickthal, Mohsin Khan etc), French, German, Spanish Turkish to mention but a few.
  3. It also has English transliteration.
  4. You also get Tajweed reading option. Tajweed is the correct pronunciation of the text that comprises the Qur'an
  5. There is audio playback feature with eight reciters to choose from. You will have to download the audio files after you've installed Iquran. Verses are recited one by one, and the app highlights each verse as it's being read, so that you can follow along easily.
  6. You get various Quranic Supplications. Such as Supplication about faith, knowledge, forgiveness etc
  7. There is a reminder that will remind you to read Suratul Khaf every Friday.
  8. The Quran is divided into 30 parts. This is most useful for Ramadan. Since we are advised to finish the Qur'an during Ramadan you can read 1 part on each day of Ramadan so that at the end of the 30 days of fasting you would have finished the Qur'an.
  9. Other features include bookmark, tag and addition of notes.

If you use an Android phone, download Iquran pro which costs $1.99 or the free version Iquran Lite from Google playstore.

If you use an IPhone download Iquran HD costs $1.99 or the free Iquran Lite from Apple's ITune.

Muslim Pro

Muslim pro app for Ramadan

Muslim pro is a free app which is available for Android and IPhone. It is a versatile app that's useful for Muslims during Ramadan. This app consists of numerous Sections such as:

  1. Prayers: this will notify you when it's time for any of the five daily prayers. You can mute notification or choose a particular type of Adhan as your notification.

  1. Quran: if you don't want to download a separate Quran app, Muslim pro has an Arabic Quran with transliteration and recitation.
  2. Qibla: will show you the direction of the Kaba.

  1. Community: request for prayers and pray for other Muslims.

  1. Messages: you will find various Islamic messages and colourful backgrounds you can share on social media or WhatsApp. You can select a message and select any of the available background change text font, size and colour.
  2. Islamic Calendar: You have the option to enter your birthday in the Gregorian calendar format and it will display your Islamic birthday. It displayed that I was born in the 3rd day in the month of Ramadan. This wasn't surprising because my parents told me this before. I just found out that I was born on the 3rd day of Ramadan. The calendar also shows all Muslims holidays for the year.

  1. Dua: This contains all the supplications from Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the muslim). Such as supplication when breaking a fast or when insulted while fasting.
  1. Popular Surahs and Verse: this app contains popular Surahs like Yasin, khaf etc. Popular Verse like Ayat Al-Kursiy and Sura At- Talaaq is also available.
  1. Tasbih: for counting your zikir.

  1. Mosques: shows the address of Masjid that are nearby. This needs an active Internet connection and location enabled.

  1. Halal Places: shows address of restaurants where you can buy Halal food. You get to see halal restaurants where you can break your fast when you travel during Ramadan.

  1. Shahadah: this displays the Kalimat shahadah in Arabic format along with its translation in English. You can also download audio recitation of the Shahadah.

  1. 99 Names of Allah: Asma Al-Husna. All 99 names in Arabic with transliteration and translation in English. You also get Audio pronunciation.

  1. Zakat: A Zakah calculator on Gold, silver, money, Agriculture cattle etc

Download Muslim pro for Android and iPhones.

Alarm clock Xtreme

Alarm clock xtreme App for Ramadan

During Ramadan, we have to wake up for Sahur, supplications and tahajjud. If you are a serial snoozer or you keep sleeping through your alarm, You will need an alarm clock that will really wake you up. My favorite alarm clock app during Ramadan is Alarm clock xtreme.

Alarm clock Xtreme has some great features that will make it hard for you to sleep through an alarm.

It has 4 advanced snooze settings. You can snooze the alarm by:
  1. Pressing on screen button
  2. Pressing side button
  3. Shaking the device
  4. Solving maths problem.

I use the 'Solving Maths problem option for snoozing my alarm.

You can't just dismiss the alarm. You have to perform a certain task before you can dismiss the alarm. There are 5 options you can choose to dismiss the alarm. You can dismiss the alarm by:
  1. Pressing on screen button.
  2. Shaking device.
  3. Solving maths problem.
  4. Entering Captcha.
  5. Pressing side button.

Notable features include Sound type you can choose a song, ringtone or it randomly chooses one for you. Why not choose the music option and choose your favorite dhikr or Azar to wake you up for Sahur. I use the du'a when waking up for sleep as my alarm tone. You can download the du'a here, it's in mp3 format and it's only 583 kb in size.

You can download alarm clock Xtreme for Android paid or free version from the Google play Store. Download Mathe Alarm clock for IPhone on the App store.

Ramadan Duas

Ramadan duas app for Ramadan
You can read and learn supplications for Ramadan here.

Ramadan Duas is divided into 4 sections.

  1. First Ashra: (the days of mercy) dua for the first ten days of Ramadan are listed here.
  2. Second Ashra: (the days of forgiveness) you will find dua for the second ten days of Ramadan.
  3. Third Ashra: (the days of emancipation from hell fire). Read and learn Supplications for the last ten days of Ramadan.
  4. Everyday Duas: supplicate in the best manner.

If we missed any of the best Ramadan apps for Android and iPhone, tell us about them in the comments!

Share this article with your Muslim friends, do a good deed this Ramadan. 



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