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2 easy Ways to Download Facebook Videos on Android without 3rd party Apps

Download videos from Facebook on Android  without 3rd party apps

How can I download videos from Facebook to my Tecno mobile phone? I saw an interesting and informative video on Facebook. I wanted to download it, so that I can re-watch it at anytime without using up my bandwidth. I also want to share it on WhatsApp but I couldn't find a download link. How can I download the Facebook video to my Android phone directly without the need for another app or software. I already have too many apps on my phone.

The above question was sent in by Olaitan. Her question inspired this post. Continue reading because I am going to show you two methods of downloading videos from Facebook. You don't need to download a 3rd party app or software to help you download the video. Both methods just requires your Android web browser or any other browser of your choice. So you don't have to download a Facebook downloader app.

The video below will show you how to download videos from Facebook

Update: I have received complaints that the methods listed below doesn't work for Facebook Lite. If you use Facebook lite and you want to download a video like the video. Then log in to your Facebook account on your web browser. Look for the video you want to download and then copy the URL of the video and use to download it. To copy the URL of the video (on chrome browser for example) long press on the name of the video and then tap on copy link address. 

How to Download Videos from the Facebook App

You are browsing Facebook on the official Facebook app for Android. You find a video you want to download. Downloading the video is really easy if you follow the steps below.

I am going to explain two different ways to download Facebook video.

The first method is downloading from the mobile site of Facebook.

The second method is by using a website (

First Method to Download Facebook videos on Android

  1. Scroll to the top of the video
  2. Tap on the arrow at the top right of the video
  3. You should see a pop up
  4. Tap on copy link in the pop to copy the video URL Download videos from Facebook Android app
  5. Now open your favourite web browser. (This works on Android browser like Chrome, Opera Mini, UC browser, Firefox etc. It should work on any browser).
  6. Paste the URL you copied from the Facebook app.
  7. This will open the mobile site of Facebook.
  8. When you see the video tap on play and let the video play for a second or more then pause it.
  9. You will see a download arrow at the bottom right of the video, tap on the download arrow. Download facebook videos
  10. Your video will start downloading and you will find the video in the default download directory of the browser you used for the download.
  11. You can then watch the video offline or share on WhatsApp or other social media sites.

Second Method of Downloading videos from Facebook to Android

  • Follow steps 1 to 5 from above
  • Paste the Facebook video URL in the space provided. Download videos from Facebook with
  • The website will process the link and provide you with a download link.
  • Clicking the download link will give you two Mp4 format HD and SD, choose the one that suits you. Download facebook videos
  • It should be noted that HD will be clearer than SD.
  • When the download is complete you can watch the video at anytime or share with other apps on your phone.

That's how you download Facebook video. There are Facebook downloader apps on the Google play store but I believe the method discussed above are better ways simply because you don't have to download another app or software. We are making do with what we already have on the phone.

Do you know a better method of downloading videos from Facebook? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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