Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tecno L9 Plus Review After 1 Month of Use

I have been using the Tecno L9 Plus for over a month now. My experience has been great so far.

The phone price ranges from ₦65,000 to ₦55,000 when it was launched. However, there has been a reduction in price since then. You can get it for ₦45,500 or less. Check latest price on Jumia or Konga or Killimall.

Is this phone worthy of the price tag. Let's find out below.

What's in the Box

Tecno L9 Plus Review
The phone is packaged in a simple white box, with a power± and L9 Plus logo on top and the key specs of the phone at the bottom. You won't find a picture of the phone on the package.

Opening the box you will find the phone. Next is another carton with a leather pouch and injector pin. You will also find a warranty card, a USB cable, charger, a reverse charging OTG cable and earphone.

Design and Build

Tecno L9 Plus Review build

Looking at the device, you get an instant quality feel. It has a full metal Unibody design with a built-in 5000mAh battery. The only removable parts are the slide out SIM tray and MicroSD card tray, which is mounted on the right and left respectively.

Mounted at the back of the phone is the 13-mega pixel camera which is placed at the top middle with LED flash to its right. There is a fingerprint scanner right below the camera lens. The Tecno logo is inscribed beneath the fingerprint sensor, with the power+ logo written further down.

At the top bezel of the 6-inch display, you will find the 5-mega pixel selfie snapper with flash. Instead of using on-screen buttons, TECNO has used capacitive touch keys here that sit in the bottom bezel of the display.

The 3.5mm audio port for plugging in headphones is at the top, and at the bottom is a speaker grill as well as a microUSB port for charging and data transfer.

Tecno L9 Plus Review

At the right of the Tecno L9 Plus sits the MicroSD card tray, the volume rocker as well as the power button.
Tecno L9 Plus Review

The dual SIM card tray is mounted on the left with the super button beneath it. This button can be configured to activate the power-saving mode, turn the torch on or off, activate the camera or to play or pause music. This all depends on the customization or preference you selected in the super button menu.


The screen of the Tecno L9 Plus is a 6-inch IPS touch screen display. The screen comes with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, which is OK. I was expecting a full HD display of 1920×1080 pixels. I guess they had to reduce the resolution to make the price lower and make the battery last longer (A higher resolution will result in a faster battery drain). I have enjoyed watching YouTube videos and movies on the display (colours are bright and vibrant).

When brightness is set at lowest, the display is still quite visible for indoor use, and that helps in saving more battery juice. Sunlight legibility is poor you have to set the brightness to 40% if you want the screen to be visible when you are outdoors.

Processor, OS, and Storage

Keeping in mind that the Tecno L9 Plus is a budget smartphone with a promise of long-lasting battery, it has on board a Mediatek chipset on a Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. This not-powerful processor results in better battery optimization.

The Tecno L9 Plus runs on a slightly modified version of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Diving into the setting, you will find “Micro Intelligence," it's an app that allows you to customize “Smart wake Gestures." You can draw any of the following letters: c,m,w,v,z,o,e and s to open apps. For example, drawing the letter C on the screen in standby to open the camera (or any other app you like). You can configure all other letters however you like.

Other gestures include the ability to double tap the screen to turn it on, take screenshots with three fingers, flip the phone to mute ringtones, cover the screen with your palm to silence incoming calls, and also control music playback with gestures while the screen is off.

There is a round floating grey circle on the screen of the Tecno L9 Plus. This ball has two functions.
It serves as on-screen navigation button and a quick way to take a screenshot.
It also allows you to launch your favourite apps quickly. You can set quick access for up to 5 apps.

This grey floating button is controlled by an app called T-Point, where you can disable or enable the floating button.

A few social apps are pre-installed,  such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Opera Mini.

Pre-installed Google Apps include maps, photos, Text-to-speech, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Drive, play music, Duo, Google play store and play services.

The 2GB RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat could handle multitasking quite well. That's if you don't run multiple resource-hungry apps at once. It has a 16GB ROM which can be expanded with a microSD card (up to 128GB).

Tecno L9 Plus Review: Battery

The battery is one of the most important features of a smartphone. Most phone users want a phone with a long-lasting battery.

The Tecno L9 Plus has an excellent battery life. I could confirm this by using the phone almost non-stop when I first got it.

A single charge of the battery (from 98% to 10%) lasted for 16 hours of heavy usage.

My activities during this period include browsing, chatting, social media, downloading and updating multiple apps from the Google play store, reading emails, a total call time of 17 minutes 23 seconds, and binge watching 7 episodes of Prison Break and two episodes of Shades of blue. Each episode runs for about 44 minutes making a total of about 6 hours 30 minutes.

Note That the screen brightness was set to 20% approximately.

I wasn't able to perform a video loop test, but Misstechy got 17 hours 2 minutes of video playback with airplane mode activated.

The Tecno L9 Plus battery lasts me a whole day, my activities includes a few minutes on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Browsing, for a couple of hours, listening to one hour of audio lectures. Updating my blog, taking a couple of pictures, streaming YouTube videos for 30 minutes. All this with 3G on and an average of 12 hours of screen on time.
Tecno L9 Plus Review battery screenshot

It also has a battery saver feature that further elongates your battery life by sacrificing few features. The battery saver mode turns off connectivity options like mobile data, WiFi Bluetooth, and it also closes all Apps except Telephone, SMS messaging, Notes and alarm.  

Tecno L9 Plus Review: Fast Charging

Another great feature of the Tecno L9 Plus is that it supports fast charging. I was able to charge it from 10% to 40 in 25 minutes, 1hr 30 minutes of charge gave me a battery of 85%. Checking the phone 2 hours later the battery was at 100%.

Tecno L9 Plus Review: Light-weight

The official campaign slogan for the Tecno L9 Plus is bigger and longer. You would expect it to be bulky. This is not the case. The only part that's bigger and longer is the screen.
While the Tecno L9 Plus is bigger and longer than the Tecno L8, and can barely fit my hands. It's surprisingly lightweight. It's not bulky or heavy, though one hand use gets a bit cumbersome sometimes.

It's very slim, weighs about 185g without the pouch and 223 with the pouch, and the curves allowed me to grip it comfortably.

Tecno L9 Plus Review: Performance

I haven't noticed any lags while using the Tecno L9 Plus. Multi-Tasking with popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, Chrome, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram was smooth. The apps tend to stay on the RAM for a very long time without force closing.

The fingerprint sensor works perfectly. It's pretty fast.

Tecno L9 Plus Review: Cameras

Tecno L9 Plus Review camera

The Tecno L9+ 13MP rear camera delivers a clear shot when a lot of light is available. However, pictures are grainy when taken in low light environment. Pictures taken with the LED flash light in the dark is clear but with a bit of colour distortion and uneven brightness. The selfie camera is okay, especially when taken outdoors. The selfie camera also supports LED flash.

The Camera app opens swiftly. If you have gestures turned on you can simply trace the letter C on the screen when it's off,  to quickly launch the camera app.

The camera app is a basic camera that's available on most Tecno devices, with the usual shooting modes and options like Panorama mode that lets you take wide-angle picture. Beauty feature lets you take a smoother picture, HDR mode for taking better photos in low light, and you also have the normal mode that lets you take photos without any of the customizations.

The camera settings also support a manual mode where you can adjust shutter speed, ISO, exposure, colour effect, scene mode, white balance, and focus.

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is on the back beneath the camera. Despite the fact that this is a 6-inch device the fingerprint sensor is easy to reach. Since my index fingers naturally rest on the back of the phone, I just need to bend my index finger a bit to reach the sensor. It's not awkward to reach at all.

Registering a new fingerprint takes only a few seconds. You can also register five different fingerprints. Unlocking the device with the fingerprint sensor is very fast it takes less than half a second to unlock the phone.


The Tecno L9 Plus supports reverse-charge. Therefore, you can use the USB OTG cable to charge another device. It was able to charge all the mobile phones I connected to it. I plugged in my 16GB flash drive, copying files from the phone to the thumb drive (and vice versa) was fast. However, my 500GB hard drive was not detected (bummer).

The dual SIM tray is easy to slide out with the injector pin. Both SIM card works at the same time, you don't have to use one Sim and one memory card like you have on other smartphones. That is, it has dual-SIM dual-standby capabilities.

In terms of connectivity, both SIM supports 3G but none of the SIM has support for 4G. This is the most disappointing feature of this phone.

Other Connectivity options include GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and the previously mentioned OTG.

Sensors available on this device include G-sensor, Ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor.

There's neither NFC nor Hotknot. However, you can use 3rd party apps like flash share or shareit to transfer files.

My 32GB microSD card works perfectly on this phone. Inserting and removing the memory card is easy. Just slide out the SD card tray and place your Memory card and then slide it in.

Tecno L9 Plus does not come with a physical user manual, instead you will find an app called manual on this phone. The phone manual is in the form of an e-book.

Tecno L9 Plus Pros and Cons

Let's start with the advantages.
  1. The battery life is great.
  2. The big 6-inch display is an advantage. I enjoyed reading e-books and watching movies on this device.
  3. The phone doesn't weigh much.
  4. The phone charges fast.
  5. The phone has a memory card slot.
  6. It doesn't lag.

As much as I love this phone, here are the features that are disappointing.

  1. The Tecno L9 is slippery when I don't use the included case.
  2. The navigation button is tiny and without backlight. I struggle to reach it when it's dark. However, after several days of usage, I have memorized their location so reaching them is easier now.
  3. The Tecno L9 Plus lacks 4G.
  4. Even though pictures taken in great light condition are decent, you can't compare it with pictures taken with the Tecno Camon CX.
  5. No software updates, I don't know if this will change in the future.
  6. It's not waterproof.

The disadvantages I listed above, are features I can live without. If you feel the same way then I recommend you buy this phone.

Checkout Tecno L9 Plus latest price and accessories on popular online stores in Nigeria.

  • Tecno L9 Plus price Jumia.
  • Tecno L9 Plus price Konga.

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  1. How to insert sim card into the Tecno L9 Plus

    1. Use the sim injector pin to remove the sim card tray which is at the right side of your device. Just insert the pin into the tiny hole on the sim card tray and then give the pin a slight push with your fingers, the sim injector tray will pop out. Place your sim on the tray and the insert it into its chamber. That's all.

  2. How can I open Tecno L9 Plus back cover. How can I find the Tecno L9 Plus manual.

    1. The Tecno L9 Plus has an inbuilt battery. Its back cover can not be removed. It has no hardcopy manual. The manual is an app you can find it on your app drawer. It's like an ebook.

  3. Can't copy files from my pc to both the phone drive and installed 32G sd ram after connecting with the usb cable. Kindly assist with suggestion on how to overcome this challenge. Thanks

    1. Goto settings > Developer options > scroll down to "Select USB configuration" tap on it and choose "MTP(Media Transfer Protocol)

  4. This is the most fake phone 2017 and does not support 4G network. You can not make any Internet call,unbelievable

  5. Please how can I transfer a song(mp3/mp4 format) via Bluetooth on the phone? Whenever I try with the pre-installed boom player app, it sends the link and not the file itself

    1. You can send the songs from the file manager. Open the file manager app and send the mp3 file from there.

  6. How can I disable the shutter from the camera?

  7. Each time I close the phone with it's included case, I get a massage sayin"don't close the top of the screen. Is it wrong the close the top of the screen with it's case?

    1. Just ignore it. There is nothing wrong with closing the phone with it's case.

  8. Is it true that the ba3 is a disaster?

    1. The battery is not a disaster at all. I still have the phone and it's battery lasts long.

  9. can this phone play gta games without hanging and how much is the brand new one?


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