Monday, August 07, 2017

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Fix slow charging Android

Today, I will tell you why your phone is charging slowly and what you can do to fix this problem.

I received the email below from one of my readers.

My infinix zero has been charging slowly. When I first got the phone, it was very fast while charging but nowadays to get a hundred percent charge will take like 24 hours when the phone was new. Nowadays, getting 50% charge is almost impossible. Note that I wasn't charging it from my computer or power bank, I'm using the original charger that shipped with the phone, and it was plugged into the electrical socket.

There are different reasons why your smartphone is charging slow. In this tutorial, I'm going to be discussing various ways to make your smart phone charge faster and also tell you why you are getting low charging speed.

My recommendation would have been for you to take your phone to calcare. However, your device is old and the warranty has expired. Therefore, you should continue reading because one of the tips below will solve your issue.

Why your phone is charging slowly and How to fix it

Faulty USB Cable or Adapter 

The number-one reason that can make your smartphone charge slow is a damaged USB cable or a bad USB adapter.

To find out if your USB cable is faulty try to buy another one or just borrow one from a family member  and use it to charge your phone.

 If your phones should charge faster, you know that your USB cable is at fault. On the other hand, if the charging does not change, or you still notice it is slow to charge, maybe it's the USB adapter.

I had such experience with a USB cable I was using to charge my infinix hot 2. I bought the cable to replace my faulty Tecno M5 USB cable.

The cable charged the Tecno phone effectively but on using it to charge the Infinix, I noticed that the phone was discharging instead of charging.
I then decided to place an order for a brand-new Oraimo cable from Jumia online store, so the phone has been charging fast since I got the new charger.

To find out if the USB adapter is damaged, borrow one from a family member or just buy a new one. Charge your phone with the new adapter, if the phone should charge normally, then you know that the USB adapter is at fault.

Note that if your phone supports fast charging you should buy a fast charger an ordinary charger is going to charge it very slowly.

You can buy oraimo charger from Jumia or konga.

Oraimo manufactures smart phone accessories for both companies. Just check your USB OTG cable or your Infinix charger you will see that it is manufactured my Oraimo.

If you are sure that the USB cable is not faulty, you should consider using the tip below.

Using the phone while it is charging 

Stop using your device while it is charging. Making use of your phone while it's plugged in reduces the charging speed.

Activate the airplane mode and you will notice that your device is charging faster. Whenever you activate airplane mode, it blocks all wireless radios on your phone. This will result in a faster charge time.

Turn on Battery Saving Mode

If you have Android lollipop or higher on your device, you can activate battery saving mode. This will conserve more power while your phone is charging and will result in a faster charge time.

If you don't have battery saving mode, turn off features you are not using like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, NFC and hotspot.

Change Your Battery. 

If none of these tips are working for you. You should change your smartphone battery. Battery degrades with use. They do not keep a charge as much as they did when they were new. Therefore, if you have been using your phone for longer than a year, you should consider replacing your battery.

You can order for a new battery on jumia.

I hope you will be able to solve your slow charging issue with these tips.

How do you make your phone charger faster? Please let us know in the comments.




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