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How to Download Google Playstore Apps from a Web Browser

Download apk from Google Playstore via your web browser

Today I am going to show you 3 ways to download an app from the Google play store without using the Google play store app.

Here's a message I received from Tunde on WhatsApp:
 My google play store has stopped working. Please how can I download an app from google play store without using the google app. 

I know I can "Google the app" and download it from various third party websites but the issue I am having is I want to download a mobile banking app. 

So I am concerned about how secure it is to download the app from other websites. The app I want to download is First mobile app. I'm scared to download it from the various websites I found on Google. I need a way to download the app from my mobile browser but from the Google play store. I do not want to lose my hard-earned money.

If you are concerned about downloading an app outside of the Google play store then keep reading.

There are many reasons why you won't be able to download an app from Android's playstore.

  1. Your Google play store has stopped working and you haven't been able to fix it. 
  2. The app is not available for your country. 
  3. Google tells you to free up space on your phone, but the available space can still install the app. 
  4. Google thinks the device is in compatible with your phone, but it works on your friends phone which is an exact model with yours. 
So what do you do in this case? You can make use of other app stores like 1mobile, Blackmart etc. 

If you are afraid just like Tunde above, you will need a way to download an app directly from Google playstore on your phone browser. 

How to Download Google Playstore App from My Phone Browser


First Method: 

Use an online apk downloader like Evozi. To download the app, navigate to Evozi on your phone or Laptop browser enter the app name or the app's playstore URL in the space provided. 
Evozi will help you download the app from Google. You can then download the app from any browser of your choice.
This method comes in handy if your playstore is not working.

Download Google playstore apps with Evozi

Second Method: 

What if your app store is working? However, the app you want to download is not available for your device or country. There is a simple work around for this. 
Search for the app outside the playstore. 

For example if you want to download OfferUp app, which is not available for Nigerian's. Search for OfferUp Android app on Google via your smartphone's web browser— with desktop mode activated. Alternatively, you can search on your computer. You should log in to the Google account that's linked with your phone before performing the search. 

Click on the Google Playstore link of the app. This will launch the web version of Google play store. Click on install. Remember to connect your phone to a WiFi or turn on your mobile data. The app will be remotely installed on your phone. 

Third Method:

My favourite way of downloading Android apps outside the Google play store is using a Telegram Bot named APK Downloader. If you use Telegram messenger you can access the bot through this link. When you've joined the bot just type the name of the you want to download and send. The bot will list all apps that's related to your keywords. Tap on the one you want and it will be downloaded to your phone. You can then install the apk file. Check the image below for how to download an app with the bot. 

Downloading Google playstore app with Telegram

Google play store app has been downloaded by the Telegram bot

If you do not have Telegram installed on your phone, you can still access the bot's official website here. Search for the app you want to download and if it's on Google Playstore it will be displayed and you will be able to download with your web browser. 
The apps are downloaded from Google playstore on to their servers. So they have genuine apps on their site. 

Even though two of the above methods make use of 3rd party websites, the apps are downloaded directly from Google playstore. Hence, it's just as if you got the app from playstore and it's as secure as an app you got from the play store . 

A bonus way to get a certified Google play store app is to ask a friend or family member to share their Google play store downloaded app to you. Apps such as Shareit and Xender will make sharing apps very easy. 

You should remember to enable apk side loading by going into your Android phone Settings> Security> Unknown Sources. The toggle on Allow installation of apps from unknown sources. 

Other websites with Genuine Android apps include:

Which trusted site do you use for downloading apk files? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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