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MTN YouTube Hourly Plan : All you need to know

MTN YouTube Hourly data plans

MTN Nigeria just introduced a new YouTube hourly data plan. There hasn't been any advertisement about the data plan.
Etisalat and Airtel also have YouTube based plans. This plan is an excellent service for customers. Most people nowadays consume video based contents. The most popular video streaming service is YouTube. It's understandable why Nigerian Telecommunication networks will want to make life easier for their customers by providing YouTube hourly data plans.

Dial *131# on your MTN line now, you will notice The YouTube pack on Number 8. Reply with 8 and press send. You will be presented with 2 hourly YouTube plans: 1 hour @N150 and 3 hours @N400

How to Subscribe for MTN YouTube

Subscribe for MTN YouTube Hourly data plans

How do I subscribe for MTN YouTube hourly data plans?

  1. Open your phone Dialler then dial *131#
  2. You will be presented with various options, the one you want is at number 8.
  3. Press 8 the tap on send. 
  4. You will see two options 1 hour and 3 hours. 
  5. The one 1 hour plan cost ₦150 and the 3 hours plan cost ₦400. 
  6. Choose 1 if you want to go for the 1 hour plan. 
  7. Choose 2 if you want to go for the 3 hour plan. 
  8. Press send. 
You can also subscribe by dialing :
*131*8*1# for the 1-hour plan. 
*131*8*2# for the 3-hour plan. 
*559*18# to check the balance. 

You will receive a confirmation that you've subscribed for the YouTube plan. 

Open your YouTube app and start streaming. You can also download the videos for offline viewing. 

It should be noted that the Mtn YouTube time-based plan is not unlimited. They are capped. 

The 1-hour plan is capped at 750mb while the 3-hour plan is capped at 2.25Gb.

In other words as soon as you've used up to 750 megabytes on the 1 hour plan, even if it's less than an hour your video streaming will stop and you will be charged from your existing data bundle. 

As soon as you have used about 2.25GB of data, the 3 hour plan will stop working. Although your time might not be up. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use the YouTube Plan to Download from Other Websites? 
No you can only use it for YouTube exclusively. 

Can I use this plan to download YouTube videos? 
Yes. It can download YouTube videos from the official YouTube app for Android. Try it with other 3rd party YouTube app. Let's know how it goes. 

Is this a night plan? 
No. It works during the day and night. 

How can I check my MTN YouTube data balance? 
Dial *559*18# to check your balance.

So, if you want to subscribe for any of the two plans you know the price and amount of data you are getting. You also know how to monitor the amount of data you have used. 

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