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How To Use Your Laptop in Bed

Today I will show you how to use your laptop in bed.

We all know using a laptop in bed is not a great idea. It's a very dangerous practice because it will damage your laptop. To avoid spoiling your laptop, there are various things you can do when you want to use your laptop in bed.

I'm sure one or two of your friends, colleagues or family members might have told you it's a bad idea to use your laptop on your bed or on the sofa. Simply because a bed and sofa is very soft and blocks the vents that your laptop needs to cool down.

Using your laptop for a long period of time, especially if you're using a resource-intensive application usually get it to warm up a bit. What cools down your laptop is the vents underneath it.

The function of the vent is to draw in cold air and then blow out hot air.

Your bed and sofa or pillows are soft and will simply cushion your notebook and will not allow air to flow freely around your computer's components.

This results in an intense build-up of hot air inside your computer's components. This will likely result in your computer shutting itself down when it gets too hot. However, there are some laptops that will not shut itself down even if it's as hot as a pressing iron. This type of laptop will not complain at all even though it's dying slowly.
One day, you will just notice that your laptop has broken down.

Many laptop technicians right here in Nigeria informed me that inadequate cooling down of laptops is what causes most of the problems that they have to deal with. This is because most Nigerian's cannot afford expensive laptops that can cool itself down effectively. So when they use their affordable or cheap laptop in bed, it breaks down easily because of the the heat build-up.

Let's dive into how to use your laptop in bed. 

You got back from work and you don't want to sit down at your desk again. You wanted to work a little bit more on your computer or just use it for entertainment purpose while in bed. However, you know it's a very bad idea for you to use it in bed and you are frustrated.

You don't need to worry because there are different ways of using your laptop in bed without damaging it. All you need to do is get a computer accessories known as a laptop tray.

There are various laptop bed trays sold on konga and jumia.
So here is the list of the ones that are good and that you can buy.

  • E-table portable laptop stand: This is a Universal E-Table Portable Laptop Stand for Desk / Bed / Office, All In One. It has a cooling function that prevents heat build-up.  This Table allows you to work seamlessly with your Laptop / Net Book whether on the bed, living room, car, flight or anywhere. It can even used as a breakfast table. 

Work on-the-go or while standing up or sitting with the Adjustable Laptop Desk. It has a compact design for a small footprint and wheels for convenient mobility. One side holds a laptop computer while the other is made for a writing pad or other small items. Bumpers at the front and back prevent things from sliding off while working. This mobile laptop cart is height-adjustable, making it comfortable to position just about anywhere. It is also available in a selection of finishes and is suitable for a variety of home, working or teaching environments.
Compact, flat folding table for people living in small, spaces, it is ideal for eating, typing, studying, reading, drawing, and much more, Tabletop slides to the horizontal position for easy, convenient use,Folds into compact footprint and stores under sofa or in closet, Assembles in less than 2 minutes (no tools or fasteners required).

This laptop bed trays will allow your computer to cool down because they have a hard surface and they are adjustable and will make you comfortable while using it in bed.

Now if you do not want to fork out money for an extra computer Accessorie you can go the DIY route.

This is not even going to cost you any amount at all. What you have to do is go into your library or if you don't have a library your bookshelf and look for a book with a hardcover to use as a stand for your computer. If the book is not wide enough you can just place 2 of them beneath laptop. This will prevent the vent from getting blocked. Air will flow freely and you should have no heat build up.

The the only disadvantage you have with this is that it is not adjustable like those I have listed above.

A reader asked me if it's a good idea to use the laptop on her lap since she is a girl.

You would think it's a good idea to use it on the lap since the name of the computer is a laptop (meaning to be placed on the lap).

It's a bad idea for you to use it on your lap especially if you are a man and you do not want to damage your family jewels. This is because using it this way causes your scrotal temperature to rise. This can lead to infertility.

Your computer should not be placed directly on your lap get one of the accessories or just go the DIY way and get a book to place between your lap and your computer.

If you are female or male you might damage your skin if you use your laptop consistently on your lap. You might develop skin rash because of the heat. Therefore, it's a good idea to place an insulation on top of your thigh before placing the laptop on it.

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